Saturday, February 28, 2015

Criss-Cross Applesauce Mojo Monday Stamp of the Month Last Call

Get out your ruler.
Get out your art sponges.
Get out your Metallic Markers.
Get out your Inks.
And start creating some Criss-Cross Applesauce Geometric cards.

Silver Marker, (did you notice you get 2 markers for 4.95)?

Perfect for masculine cards? Right?

And my Mojo Monday inspired card - Granny's Crazy Quilt Card!

See more samples (LOTS) of this card design on Mojo Monday
Thank you, Julee, for another great design!

  • Have something handy to keep your hands clean - especially if you are sloppy like me.
  • When in doubt, use clean post-its for masking (see the top Canary - it is a bit blue).
  • No rules here - stamp in spaces, sponge in spaces, glitter in spaces, use one space, use bunches of spaces, make smaller, make larger, use bright colors, use dull colors, just have FUNN!
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  • Close To My Heart's adorable February Stamp of the Month (scroll through this month's posts to see how versatile the stamp is).
  • Album Allure - buy one album get the second for 1/2 price (DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!)
This just in...
And how about an art deco parquet look?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Stamp of the Month - Grid Stamping FUNN - a learning experience

And now, see how!

I thought, gee, it would be FUNN to make a card with a grid for stamping.
So, I got out an old roll of Washi Tape and taped off my grid.
Lesson One:
It was  too much math for this "gotta create moment" to measure the grid,
 so my rectangles weren't the same size.
No problem. Trim the card after stamping!
Lesson Two:
Kiss your Versamat everyday. It is a good friend.
Buy a Versamat or two.

Lesson Three - STAMPING:
If you haven't tried the FUNN of stamping - email me now, really!
You must discover the Joy of Stamping!

Lesson Three
Pull off the Washi Tape for your masterpiece's reveal - oh, no - some of paper pulled off!
The Washi Tape did pull off some paper.
a. do a pre-project "stick off" by "taping" the Washi a couple times on your Versamat first.
b. or embrace the texture of the rips and increase their presence

Voile - a pretty card.
Lesson Four:
I wanted more of this card.
Make several stamped fronts of card or stamp an entire 12" x 12" piece of cardstock
and trim to fit for your layouts, projects, and cards.

Lesson Five:
Finish off the card with a little Slate Striped Ribbon.

Lesson Six:
The more you play with a stamp, the more you will love it

Reminds me of an old song...bring it on, Chris Montez!

Chris, where ever you are, I hope you are having a FUNN day!
You, too, FUNN Friends!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Last Call - Stamp of the Month & Album Allure

I have a couple of how-tos coming this week using 
"A Happy Hello", but until then, I hope this cheery card will start your week
with a smile.

If you have enjoyed this month's Stamp of the Month Monday cards, now is your chance
to get your own and CAS away!
I've really enjoyed playing with this stamp set and have more ideas than I have time.

Speaking of count downs, 
Album Allure is Almost Adieu!
Buy one album and get the second one for 1/2 price.
Have you figured out which two I got?

If you guessed the Black Post and the Ruby Floral D-ring, you would be... right!
I'm pretty impressed with the coated canvas and the new screw deals - hip changes.

The March Confetti Wishes Pajama FUNN Party is being well received and can be 
order through March `14th to qualify for the complementary 
Cutting Guides & How-to FUNN Tipps.

You will need extra White Daisy Card Stock.
Come back for TBT to see 2 layouts finished - so cute - such great memories.

And for those who are considering becoming a CTMH Consultant - 
Contact me now so we can start your success before you even sign up!

Have a FUNN MUNN-day!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

FUNN Cards - Have a Happy Day Stamp Set

Last Saturday I spent most of my waking hours with friend & FUNN ClubB member Vicky.
She made a darling My Crush book for her Grandson's seventh birthday and I made cards
using the Bokeh technique and ONE stamp set -

Have you seen the "Bokeh" technique?
Saw the technique on Team Member Susan Fogle's blog.
It is way FUNN!

Sponge some background color
Stamp your images.
Add the Bokeh....
Using an old PAGE PROTECTOR which I cut circles from using 
 (yes, you can cut Page Protectors on your Cricut!), part of a 
Round Sponge, and White Daisy Ink Pad I sponged White Daisy ink randomly
on the colored/stamped images.
Cool, huh?

Looky at the oops!
I stamped "thinking of you" after adding the White Daisy Ink,
The White Daisy Ink DRIES slowly - beware!

Happy little FUNN card.
Nothing much to tell you about, except try it using colors which make you happy!

Anybody else itchy for flowers?
Simple FUNN card - make it your own with colors 
which make you smile and say, "Hello, Spring!"

Another Bokeh card. So much FUNN!
Don't over think it - just start playing!

Have a Happy Day from Close To My Heart D1616

Pretty boss stamp set, huh?

Don't miss the buy one get one 1/2 price special on beautiful scrapbooks this month!

Have a HAPPY FUNN Day!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Photo Shop Genius is going crazy with his Mom's photos!

This will be one of my favorite Studio J scrapbook pages ever.
My son's fb posts.

Pretty darn FUNN having Stephen for a son.
His happy birthday fb posts to me.

The time I met the Beverly Hillbillies!

Then there was the time when "Godzilla almost ruined" my vacation!

And the time I went saved The Federation by kicking
Romulan behind!

The time I released my own Netflix original series.

You may want to keep me in mind
next time you want to make a card!
Oh my gosh, FUNN runns deep in our family.

Stamp of the Month Monday on Wednesday - Faberge Egg Two

Stamp of the Monday Monday on Wednesday!
If Faberge Egg artists were stampers, they would love the February Stamp of the Month.
The flowers and images are so unique.

Stamped in black, embellished in Metallic Marker
and colored in with ShinHan Markers.

See Monday's Stamp of the Month Monday - 
Ombre Easter Egg Card.
See Stamp of the Month Monday's

Have a FUNN Day!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Stamp of the Month Monday on Tuesday - Faberge Egg

 Lent begins this week, so Easter isn't far let's get "crackin'"!
Eggs that is.

And if Faberge eggs were stamps, they might look like this.]

The tiny gold flower buds are hand drawn ala my Grandmother "Bam".
She made many many little French knot embroidered flowers that looked
like this little bud - so cute and sweet.

Just for FUNN - look at the Stamp of the Month again and see what stamps I used.

Metallic Markers, Lagoon, Outdoor Denim Inks and papers.

The FUNN ClubB really liked the layoouts!

Have a FUNN day!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Stamp of the Month - A Happy Hello Ombre Egg Card

Happy FUNN MUNN-day!
Let's get the week started with something cute!

This is egg-shaped card was made from the 
(a very favorite go-to cart of mine).
Look closely at the bottom - I trim just s smidge off the bottom so it will stand.

Did a little Rock 'n' Roll inking to make this ombre flow better, too.
To keep it all together, I ombre inked the edge of the card and the card stock under the flower.

Having FUNN with this 

And remember, it is time to get thinking BIRTHDAY FUNN!
See what to do to be a Pajama FUNN Partier!

Have a FUNN MUNNday!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

March Confetti Pajama FUNN Party!

And time to start getting your Confetti Wishes orders in for the March
Confetti Wishes Pajama FUNN Party!
We INVITE YOU to be a part of our scrapbooking FUNN!

Simple to do.
Purchase one of the March Confetti Wishes Pajama FUNN Party Shopping lists and get 
cutting guides and how-to help to make these 6- 12"x12" scrapbook pages!

Here's a quick list of what you'll need...


Express Yourself

Whew! What a weekend!
Birthday Week has started!
And it started with a SURPRISE party for me!

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