Monday, December 22, 2014

Stamp of the Month Monday - a TOWER of Cupcake FUNN!

No Monday blues on this blog today, no blues at all, come to think of it!
Cocoa ink is all I used for this Tower of Cupcake FUNN.

While I did sew around the card front with my trusty Bernina (it really is a trusted friend), 
I found out this weekend just how much I had forgotten about sewing fabric!
(See the Santa Sack post below).

The cupcake liners were colored using a flat bristled brush and the same ink pad
I stamped the images in.
Kinda like the dry brush look, too.

There is an email special involving these cards, too, don't forget FUNN Mail Friends!

Hey, have your ordered your Snowhaven Pajama Party, yet?
Well, that might be just the ticket!
Have a FUNN Monday - it is the big Christmas week!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Looks Like Santa Dropped his Sacks Off Early

Why looky there, Santa has already dropped off his sacks and it looks like Mrs. Santa did some lettering on Kraft paper tags.
They are a busy bunch, aren't they?
Psst... if you want to help the Clauses with Santa sacks of your own, I liked this pattern on 

Be sure to check my facebook page for dozens of Christmas things over the next few days!

Stay jolly!
Have FUNN; it's almost Christmas!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Stamp of the Month Monday FUNN - A Really FUNN Tree I Would Plant!

Got a riddle for you.
How can a Monday morning post be so cheerful and happy?
(scroll down for the answer)

I thought of this layout just as I was getting in bed on Saturday night.
Sunday morning I woke up an hour earlier than I do on a work day, for Pete's sake, and started in!

I am called "Cupcake" at work because I am from the city and am now in the country.
I guess the city is where cupcakes are from!
Cupcake is now only a confection at work, it is any city-fied behavior or thought.
Such as cupcakes don't "go" in the fields, they drive into town for a bathroom.
Cupcakes buy meat at the market so no one has to die.
A young man once told me he had discovered he had a little cupcake in him. Seems selling his 4H hogs was a little harder than he thought it would be.

SO, they call me cupcake.
Are you a cupcake, too?
Do you have cupcake behaviors? What are they?

By the way, to make a dozen or so cupcakes for your next projects, here is how...
Stamp the December SOM cupcakes on scraps of B&T. If you are using CTMH, you'll be delighted how well they coordinate.

Trim them so the top goes over the "base" cupcake.
I gave myself a sweet break and did not worry about the "cake".

And that is why they call me cupcake and 
why the December Stamp of the Month is perfectly delicious!

Ready to whip up a batch of your own cupcakes?
You can get yours here.

Answer to the riddle: Make the post on Sunday.

Have a FUNN Monday!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Snowhaven Pajama FUNN Party Projects and Shopping List

It's that great time of month when the next Pajama FUNN party is revealed!
And, ladies, this one is hot off the presses! Just finished it an hour ago!

May I introduce the January Pajama FUNN Party - SNOWHAVEN!
SUCH cute paper and wonderful chipboard elements or "Complements".
Perfect for your chillier memories with snow or no!

When you purchase the Snowhaven Pajama FUNN Party Shopping List,
you will get the supplies, cutting guides, and FUNN Tipp guides for
three full 12"x12" layouts and
four cute fast cards.
Unlike December's PJ FUNN Party, you will have leftovers, too.
Please note there is not a scrapbooking Workshop On The Go kit this time for Option Two.

Plus you get the FUNN Queen for help and tipps!

You do not need to be an experienced scrapbooker and you don't need to be tied down
to a class near me. This is a U-Can-Do project!

Choose which Shopping List fits you best and order before January 1st on

Option One

Order on

This is a great time to remind you of the 

and the adorable December Stamp of the Month

You and I both know "getting caught up with scrapbooking" is a goal for 2015, 
so make Pajama FUNN Parties a good habit for the New Year!
Keep eating those cookies until 1-1-15, but order now for your 
best choice of 2015, saving family memories with me, Mary Gunn FUNN!

You will receive all the cutting guides and tipp guides with any $35 purchase.

PSSST - I have something trippy and sweet for tomorrow's Stamp of the Month Monday post! 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Sticky Boy FUNN and Thank You, Tresa!

LOOKY what I got in the mail today!
One of the sweetest & encouraging notes I've ever received.
and a handmade card from one of my favorite CTMH sisters, Tresa Black!

Getting FUNN Mail can change an entire day!
If I had make up on and wearing anything but the grungiest of sweatshirt/yoga pants,
I'd take a selfie to share!
Oh what the heck...

To receive this kindness truly touched me.

Thank you, friend!

PSST - don't tell the FUNN CLubBers, but there is a little FUNN in their future!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Deconstructed Sketch FUNN, Glittered Snowflakes, and a Movie Star?

I love blog challenges - they are FUNN!
Today I took the Deconstructed Sketch challenge.
Gave it a 90 degree twist and came up with a frosty card!

Deconstructed Sketch 180

Added some glitter, glitter, and a little more glitter

Used some negative and positive Art Philosophy Cricut Snowflakes 
in Daisy White, Smokey Plum, and Glacier.

Plus some Silver Shimmer Trim.
See the strip? I used the scallop border punch with it.
The participants (trim and punch) did not like it much, but they survived.
Goofy leftovers from a sheet of snowflake cuts - do you see what I see?

Scroll down....

SHREK and many Shrekites.

Have a GREAT weekend and check back later this weekend for the 
project releases!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

TBT - Border Stamps, Ornament, Tresa Black

It's Throw Back Thursday!
Here is a little ornament I made last year (or was it the year before that)?
Border stamps are not just for borders!

One-Way Boarders makes a cute Christmas card with the right colors!

The ornament was cut before making the stripes, but look how FUNN a little Cranberry ink, Topiary ink and Silver Washi Tape is!

If you want to learn more, check out the Stamp goddess herself!
And for only $1.99, you can learn ALL about using border stamps!
She really knows how to put together a video!

Don't forget to put some border stamps on your Deal of the Decade wish list, too!

Hope your Thursday has been great - 2 weeks until Christmas!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Dear Santa,

ALL my FUNN Friends need these on your list and they have all been good!
They have been scrapbooking wonderful memories to be treasured, they have been creating beautiful cards and gifts.  You probably know that, but I always like to brag about them.

We look forward to leaving you milk and cookies soon!

Mary and her FUNN Friends

and now FUNN Friends, watch this!

What's that, Santa? You want me to take the orders? I'm your girl!

Send me your husbands or whoever and I'll get you what you want this year!


PS word at the North Pole is they may run out quickly as Santa has only received the first shipment. The elves, I am told, are working really hard and Mrs. Santa is feeding them extra cookies.

Stamp of the Month Monday FUNN

December is the month to get this darling stamp set.
Currently pinned on my "Christmas FUNN" board  on Mary Gunn FUNN.
To follow me on Pinterest - look for the rather large pinterest link on the right.

Surprise yourself and order one for your own stocking!

Have a FUNN Monday!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

White Elephant Gifts .... Check

White elephant gifts ready......Check!

The Players (all Close To My Heart, except sacks)
Merry and Bright Stamp from the Artfully Sent CTMH Cricut Cartridge
Elephant ( D1285; Life's a Jungle - sorry, retired)
Paper: Believe ( X7145B - sorry, retired), Pear Card Stock, Topiary Card Stock, White Daisy

Toppers are made by 4.5" x 6" B&T paper folded nearly in 1/2.
The bags are from Sam's Club (they should spell it CLUBB).
You get a million and forty-seven, so it could be a lifetime investment or you could
find a million and forty-six friends to share them with.

Let the gifting FUNN begin...more ideas coming!

BTW, what is one of your favorite White Elephant gifts to give?

BACK FROM THE GIft Exchange!
FUNNy story - a lady who has visited my FUNN CLubB before recognized that this had to be a Mary Gunn FUNN bag. While she opened the gift, she was showing how it was stamped, the double sided background/texture paper and such!
She saved the bag topper, too, she can use it again!
It was FUNN to have you there, Pam!
Sorry the gift wasn't better!