Friday, October 9, 2015

UNN-Usual Pump-GUNN FUNN Cards * Breast Cancer Awareness & My Friend Sue

Because I am a Close To My Heart Consultant....
I got to meet Sue Masoner.
First as a valued client and on March 17, 2003 as a treasured team member!
She is FUNN, clever, loving, and a true paper hoarder!

Sue, go ahead and get a tissue.

Because of Sue, I have a friend who will
pray for me and with me at any time,
go gaga over each and every new catalog (boy we are nutty each time),
and will tell me she loves me at the end of each phone call.

Sue makes my life better.
Thanks, Close To My Heart, for bringing special people like Sue into my life.

I find the very fact that a stamp company can bring together such friends astounding.
Love ya', girlfriend.

Part of Sue's testimony is she is pink through and through because
she is a two decade plus breast cancer survivor.
Think she is pretty special?
Darn right she is.

So, Sue, today's
UNN-Usual Pump-GUNN FUNN Card
is for you!

I love this picture so much that I'm posting it twice.

Sue, the other team girls, and I would be glad to have you join us.
Contact me for more info at

HAVE A FUNN weekend,
that's an order!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Believe KC Royals * Stamp of the Month * UNN-Usual Pump-GUNN FUNN Cards

It's that time of year!
Some of the best baseball of the year 
and our KC Boys in Blue 
are playing - again 
(never get tired of this)!

Last year my daughter and I painted a pumpkins Royal blue to show support.

and Buckley wore a little Royal hat...

Such a good boy.

This year I'm adding my cheer to my
UNN-Usual Pump-GUNN FUNN Card

Nothing beats the Close To My Heart Cricut Cartridges when you need them!


and surprise! surprise! surprise!

I'm believing for some great baseball, just like the entire season has been!
We're rooting for you, KC!

Bring on the MOOSE!

have a FUNN day,

Monday, October 5, 2015

Stamp of the Month MUNNday FUNNday Meets UNN-Usual Pump-GUNN FUNN Cards

Twinkle Twinkle Little Gourd.
Let's go visit a nice fjord.
We could wear some wooden shoes,
Then scrapbook the memories we choose.
Twinkle Twinkle Little Gourd.
Let's go visit a nice fjord.

(for more random Norwegian references, keep reading)

So today's 
UNN-Usual Pump-GUNN FUNN Card 
has zero, zip, nada to do with fjords, 
I might be going a little kooky with all these pumpkins,
as you might be able to tell as the week goes on.

The light bulbs are made pretty with Liquid Glass.


So whoever thinks Christmas and Thanksgiving decorations are out to early, 
just show them how to combine them for a fall card!

Have a happy MUNN-day FUNNday!

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To see all the groovy Close To My Heart currently available,
go to my website
Tusen Takk (Norwegian for thank you very much), I appreciate your business


Check out some of the former - just scroll down.
UNN-Usual Pump-GUNN FUNN Cards
more to come

Sunday, October 4, 2015

UNN-Usual Pump-GUNN FUNN Cards * Nevermore Layouts

Have a bunch of 
UNN-Usual Pump-GUNN FUNN Cards
coming this week, here is one for tonight...
This is too bright, but got your attention, huh?
Good old Libby's Pumpkin Pie filling can was my inspiration.
LIBBY'S® 100% Pure Pumpkin
The one I used was a wee bit different, but then again, so was my card.

and some Nevermore layouts

Wonn by the Evermore faithful Tracy from FUNN ClubB!
YEAH - Congratulations!

Back to the UNN-Usual Pump-GUNN FUNN Cards 

If it looks like a can, good, it is suppose to!
If it looks like a camel, honey, you need your eyes checked.

 So inside you see the "You Can" play on words/encouragement sentiment
made with that little $6.95 gem of an alpha "Etched Alphabet".
Have you found that alpha set, yet?
It is in an unn-usual spot.

Be sure to check in tomorrow for another
UNN-Usual Pump-GUNN FUNN Cards 
I'll be using the Stamp of the Month!

hope you've had a FUNN weekend!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Pump-GUNN FUNN - Camper FUNN Card & Close To My Heart Making Connections FUNN

October is
on Mary Gunn FUNN
I will be featuring UNN-USUAL Pump-GUNN FUNN cards.
And I think this qualifies, don't you?

Combining my Camper FUNN Cards in a Pump-GUNN motif. 

Products used:
Back Ground & Texture Paper: Nevermore
Black Shimmer Trim and Black Gems

Speaking of GEMS, here are bunch of them!

Loved spending time with Close To My Heart consultants Thursday - so FUNN!
Close To My Heart came to Overland Park, KS for an evening of training
(my favorite kind of business meetings)!
REALLY loved spending special time making memories with these three amigas!
Proud that my team members came the farthest to attend this event.

Susan Fogle, Brighton, MI
Sue Masoner, North Kansas City, MO
Carmen Sachs, Louisville, KY 
THANK YOU for Making Connections so much more FUNN.
You are really Close To My Heart.
If you would like to be a part of this special crew 
(and the special "Positive IMPressions" not pictured), 
now is the time!

Be sure to come back all month to see more 

More UNN-USUAL Pump-GUNN FUNN cards already featured.
Help spread the FUNN - tell everyone!

Scroll down for more cards and updates like...

Have a wonderful FUNN day,

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Welcome to October FUNN! Mojo Monday 417; Let's Get Started!

Welcome to October FUNN!
If you are a "fall and winter" scrapbooker, this is the beginning of your Craft Season!

Lots to cover, let's get started

`ONE. October is Pump-GUNN FUNN with Mary Gunn.
TWO. NEW Consultant Gift & NEW Straight To The Topp program
`THREE. FUNN ClubB Only Offer - You will be entered to WINN a new black My Legacy Post album with every $50 FUNN ClubB order this month!
`FOUR. Stamp of the Month - a special suggestion sketch free with each SOM purchase
FIVE. SANGRIA - featured My Reflections Kitt of the month


ONEOctober is Pump-GUNN FUNN with Mary Gunn.
I hope you enjoy them.
Here is the first one. I used this great card design from Mojo Monday.
Supplies for Washi Tape Pump-GUNN.
* cover a Cricut Pump-GUNN shape 
with CTMH Washi Tape (sadly, no longer available) and trimmed
Gold Shimmer Trim (dots are punched from the trim)

Pump-GUNN FUNN and this $6.95 My Acrylix Stamp Set - all October!

Be sure to visit Mojo Monday for many more ideas on using this design.

TWONEW Consultant Gift & NEW Straight To The Topp program
It’s in the Bag
NEW - Straight to the Topp Program from Close To My Heart - Earn Rewards - Awesome Rewards 
REACH ALL 3 Reward Levels on time and get:
BONUS a Medium Organizer FILLED with supplies!


JOIN US - You'll love us - at least once you get used to us! :O)

THREE. FUNN ClubB Only Offer - 
You will be entered to WINN a new black My Legacy Post album 
with every $50 FUNN ClubB order this month!

Want to be a part of a FUNN ClubB and get in on special specials, too?
Contact me and we'll get you started.

FOUR. Stamp of the Month - a special suggestion sketch free with each SOM purchase

EXTRA FUNN - receive an exclusive sheet of ideas from me with purchase!

FIVE. SANGRIA - featured My Reflections Kitt of the month

SANGRIA is the Close To My Heart Featured Kit of the Month.
What does that mean?
Watch CTMH social media sites for ideas and

enjoy Sangria's Express Collection
(pre-made layouts; you just plug in photos!)
on Studio J just this month.

click on the link to order your own set of cards!

Welcome to October FUNN!