Thursday, July 23, 2015

Seaside Pajama FUNN Party are coming IN WAVES! Get it, in waves!

For our 35th wedding anniversary, our family sent my starter hubs and I on a whirlwind trip to visit our son-in-law and daughter in L.A., CA.
It was SO FUNN and the Seaside paper collection is just the set to save our memories on for our beach adventures.

Here is another layout of our excursions to a beach

and looky what happens to this cool detail of tags...

Want to join us for the Seaside Pajama FUNN Party?
Here is what you will need to purchase on my website before August 15th

Shopping List for Seaside Pajama FUNN Party
Option One: 24.80
Seaside Paper  X7192B, 9.95
Seaside Complements X7192C, 4.95 - back ordered until July 30
Aqua Dots Z1853 3.95 OR Oceanside Sequins Z3041 3.95

Option Two : 34.90
Seaside Workshop on the Go G1089, 29.95 - includes stamp set and 1 more Colonial White, 1 Pear Sheet, Seaside Assortment, and Aqua Dots
 Seaside Complements X7192C, 4.95 - back ordered until July 30

You will also need: 2 sheets Desert Sand (from the Basics Cardstock combo) and 1 sheet Colonial White (unless you get the WOTG).
You may want: Glacier Extra Thick Twine Z3039, 3.95   

and you will be included in supplies, cutting guides, how-to tipps, and supporting elements all as a thank you gift!

My love of stamping all started with card making and I still love it!
There is something pretty darn fabulous about
sitting around creating with others.
This is what we do in 
Freakin' FUNN Card ClubB.
Each month you get to chose 5 cards from a basket full of kits all ready to be re-created!

Don't miss out on the FUNN!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Time to Wrap Up Shark FUNN Week

What do Super Glue Guys drink during Shark FUNN Week?

Earl GRAY Tea,
of course!
Shark Week FUNN was all about the Gray.
PS FUNN TIPP - want to use a page from a book without having the text readable? 
Guess it is a good idea to make sure you haven't created a new word or two that could be naughty.

Look at this groovy layout with "Shark Rock"!

This is just ONE of the FOUR Seaside layouts you will make along with us when you
(groovy surfer dudes not included).

Be sure to scroll down to see more posts from 

have a FUNN day,

Friday, July 17, 2015

Shark FUNN Week * FUNNercise Friday How-to Video * Lighthouse Card

The Super Glue Guys and I want to make you (get ready for it)...

Did you like this card?

Well let's make it! It is FUNN-ercise Friday's how-to video!

You will need:
Card Stock Base - I used 4.25 x 5.5
Close To My Heart Inks:
Slate ( the color of a great white shark)
2" x 3.5" My Acrylix block
1" x 1" My Acrylix block
Stamp Set such as Seaside Greeting
About 5 minutes

At about :52 in the video, it sounds like I am fighting a shark, I am. I won.

Seriously, how is there not a stamp set with the profound sentiment,
"Be a light house in the sharky waters of life."

Have a FUNN weekend,

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Shark Week FUNN with Mary Gunn - Seaside Pajama FUNN Party Shark!

This drawing of a shark on a beach in California is going in my scrapbook.
Some of the best parts of vacation is seeing NEW things and seeing a shark (a very lovely shark rendition) on a California beach rock was just the ticket.

Take a look around your yard, town, city, and look for snap shots of life that are
unique to you. 
When I look at my bird feeder, I try to remember a blue jay (for all his grumpy tendencies) is a magnificently marked animal! If I saw him on vacation, I would want to remember him when I got home.
What is something you take for granted?
Have you ever scrapbooked a layout about what is uniquely yours?

Life is FULL of FUNN moments.
Watch for them and be sure to save them to be enjoyed later, because it all passes.

Hope you are enjoying Shark Week FUNN - I have a how-to video for you tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Seaside Pajama FUNN Party Release!

I get it.
You are too busy to scrapbook.
Scrapbooking seems expensive.
You don't feel like you have the time and creativity to scrapbook.
Frankly, you may not want to be "a scrapbooker"!

Heaven knows how many photos you have!
And I have two great plans to get those photos saved,
without a room full of supplies, tons of time or tons of creativity!
What's that you say?
You are into working on computers, do I have a deal for you this month!!!!

PLAN ONE - Seaside Pajama FUNN Party

Relax and join us for this month's
Pajama Party's are designed for you the busy, frugal, and clever memory maker.

To qualify for your FREE FOUR layout how-to guides and supportive pieces, purchase Option One or Option Two below on my website before August 15th.
To receive just the how-to guides, purchase any $35 or more
 before August 15rh on my website.

Has anyone had a beach cookout? Eaten at a beach restaurant? Luau party at the club? Typhoon lagoon trips? Great Wolf Lodge? Red Lobster (haha, let's hear it for the cheddar biscuits)!  Save those memories on these 4 layouts!
Perfect for the experienced crafter or a beginner. 

Shopping List for Seaside Pajama FUNN Party
Option One: 24.80
Seaside Paper  X7192B, 9.95
Seaside Complements X7192C, 4.95
Seaside Assortment Z3014, 5.95
Aqua Dots Z1853 3.95 OR Oceanside Sequins Z3041 3.95

Option Two : 34.90
Seaside Workshop on the Go G1089, 29.95 - includes stamp set and 1 more Colonial White, 1 Pear Sheet, Seaside Assortment, and Aqua Dots
 Seaside Complements X7192C, 4.95

You will also need: 2 sheets Desert Sand (from the Basics Cardstock combo) and 1 sheet Colonial White (unless you get the WOTG).
You may want: Glacier Extra Thick Twine Z3039, 3.95   

TRY a Pajama FUNN Party - there is a new one every month - you could be the hit of the family soon with all your terrific layouts and saved family memories.

PLAN TWO - OnLine Scrapbooking Studio J - SALE!
Studio J Flash Sale
FREE TO TRY - Check it out HERE!
read about this GREAT sale!
$5 layouts! Are you kidding?
LMK if you have questions - this is so cool!

And when ordering, don't forget the Close To My Heart special this month...

As if that is not enough, please remember the To Be Discontinued List which includes some favorite old colors!

If you have been around Close To My Heart you know these colors, well, not all of them will be around after this Idea Book.
Say goodbye to Smokey Plum, Outdoor Denim, Indian Corn Blue, Ponderosa Pine, Garden Green, Autumn Terracotta, Barn Red, and Hollyhock.
I have been friends with many of these for over 15 years, but I will be introducing you to my new friends very soon!

Be sure to check out the While Supplies Last category while shopping online, too!

ALRIGHT - I will be back tomorrow for another SHARK WEEK FUNN post!
Thought this should give you plenty of reason to get back into your craft room for tonight!

Have a FUNN evening,

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Shark FUNN Week Continues * Light House Card

Water, beach, shark look out tower, and a Slate gray image.

This card fits in the Shark FUNN Week format.

Thinking about making a how-to video. What do you think?

Don't be afraid to go back into your craft room!
Crafting is all sorts of FUNN!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Shark Week FUNN Continues with a Water Coloring Science Lesson, Stamp of the Month, and more Gray Celebration

How is your day going?
Was it enough to turn your hair gray?
Well, here is a little lesson on watercolor and using gray.

First we take the "Wonderful" stamp from the Stamp of the Month kit.

Slate Gray Ink, and a paint brush.

In the first two cards, I stamped "Wonderful" in Slate first.
Then using the ink in the ink pad and a wet paint brush, I "traced" over the letters.
See how soft they look?
If you look closely you will see something else and it is science!
You can see the separate colors which are in the gray ink!
You are such a scientist.

The next two images show a different technique.

In this card, I painted the watercolor background using ink from the stamp pad and
a wet paint brush. 
Then I stamped "Wonderful" on the dried watercolored ink.
The wonderful is completely different than the first card, isn't it?
Sharp, crisp, solid in color.

So get back in your craft room and be a scientist!
Don't be afraid to play!
Get your kids involved. 
See if they get the same results and then teach them about this big word!
  1. Chromatography is a method used by scientists for separating organic and inorganic compounds so that they can be analyzed and studied. By analyzing a compound, a scientist can figure out what makes up that compound.Chromatography is a great physical method for observing mixtures and solvents.

Have FUNN,

Saturday, July 11, 2015

It is Shark Week on Mary Gunn FUNN! Celebrating Just Two Shades of Gray, Stamp of the Month, and Mojo Monday 405!

Just when you thought it was safe to leave your craft room,

Look at this big guy (gal?); he/she sports gray with confidence!
Shark week FUNN will be all about The Gray!
(Why do they call them "Great White Sharks"?)

It is Shark GRAY FUNN Week 
and we only need to talk about 2 shades of gray...
X5930  X5929
  Slate Gray      &   Whisper Gray

I am a big FANN of gray.
I have a gray cat.

I had a gray bird.

Then there is my hair!
Lady Clairol, no offense, but you are not needed on
Mary Gunn FUNN this week.


Join me this week for Shark GRAY FUNN Week 
Get back into your craft room - don't be afraid!

Gray power!
The sharks and I have it!
You will have it soon, too.

We are going to start with a Mojo Monday design,
plus Close To My Heart's Stamp of the Month, and 
some FUNN Cricut shapes to 
show how nicely gray provides a soft background color.
How FUNN are the swirls from the CTMH Stamp of the Month on this cloud?

LIFE IS... and sometimes like is about missing someone.

The cloud shape was cut from 
The "rain drops" were cut from the 
The shape is intended to be a location shape (ala google maps Google Maps), 
but they make a pretty good rain drop, too.

Julee, from Mojo Monday, made a lovely design which really was perfect for my "miss you" card.

The rain drops were close to being tear drops as the card decided to fly during the photo shoot.

and so Shark Gray FUNN Week has begun.

If you have not seen this video on my Mary Gunn FUNN fb page or elsewhere, 
take a minute and enjoy!

And this Camper FUNN Card would be a perfect shark environment!

Congratulations to Lena Marie for WINNing this card!
Thank you for being a part of the Camper FUNN Card Kitt movement!
Keep watching for more Camper FUNN Card Kitt and Camper FUNN Card News!

Friday, July 10, 2015

It's Coming....

and here is a darling little video from Close To My Heart  - please "like" it on You Tube and share if you wish. It is an easy way to say, "Thank you, CTMH!"

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Stamp of the Month Monday and How fb and Flip Flaps helped me make this 4th of July Layout

We had so much FUNN celebrating Independence Day 
with family this year.
Cooked out burgers & dogs, great yummy salads, blueberry buckle, and home made ice cream.
There were fireworks in the back yard and professional fireworks, too.
There was a great band with a greater drummer on a float!
(married to the drummer)

So these memories HAVE to be scrapbooked!
When I posted the photos on fb, it hit me like a ton of firecrackers,

IF the PHOTOS are good enough to post of fb,
they are important enough to save in a scrapbook!

And so the analysis began...
I asked myself:

1. How many "categories" of memories & photos are there?
supper (2), home fireworks (3), professional fireworks (0), and the parade (5)
3 categories / 10 photos

2. Which photo will be my focal point?
the family on the deck at supper
Is it landscape or portrait?
Should it be enlarged?
Not this time.
3. Is there anything besides photos I want to save?
YES! Beth's Blueberry Buckle

Armed with this in mind, I sketched a design to best display the photos.
The task of whittling 20 photos to 4 or 5 was already done before the fb post.

Getting 10 photos and a recipe - pretty tall order!
But I couldn't cut the family!
 I couldn't cut the recipe!
I couldn't cut the parade!
especially Elvis the little cow!

The little girl walking Elvis later put a pink visor on him!

Choosing colors was easy!

Gave myself plenty of room for photos, do you think I can get 10 on here?
I can!

Used the July Stamp of the Month from Close To My Heart.

Welcome to you joining us from the 
Life is WONDERFUL in the U.S.A.
Check out their blog for FUNN. 

And LOTS of Cricut cut stars!

To get ALL 10 photos included (even Elvis) and the recipe, I called on
One of the very very best products for scrapbookers!
They simply give you more room for your firework BOOM!
Here I will add several of these 6" x 6" FLIP FLAPS 
to the FRONT of the page protector with the self-adhesive strip. 
No muss, no fuss.
AND I will have a GREAT layout FULL of FUNN, cute, and tasty memories!

So check out your fb page, what photos have you posted?
Can you use some of the ideas here to scrapbook them?
Let me know if you need help.

Have a FUNN day MUNNday!