Wednesday, August 26, 2015

National Dog Day - Do You Scrapbook Your Dog? Try These Ideas!

Man's Best Friend.
Do you scrapbook your dog?

Today is National Dog Day and if you have been on fb, you know!
Well, we all think our dog is the best, right?
Here is our BEST dog...

Professor William F. BuckleyYouAreSuchaGoodBoy Gunn

Look at that expressive face!

No! I don't want to go in unless we can scrapbook!

Such a handsome boy of eleven.

Do you scrapbook memories of your dog?
Here are some quick ideas to help you "strut your mutt" in the pages of your albums
  • Coming Home page - how did you pick your dog, how did you name him, any of your puppy's firsts to remember? First chewed slippers, First walk, First bowls, First trick, First car ride
  • Do you have birthday parties for your furry baby? My daughter does! And I did as a child!
  • Any special quotes from the family on your new doggy?
  • Interview the family about how they feel about your dog - take a photo of your dog and each person to go along with the quote.
  • Favorite treats? Pup Cups at Sonic? YUMM!
How to Use Close To My Heart Products
 to Celebrate Your BFF!

Are you ready for this? Made a pendant for your dog's collar from

Remember: many Close To My Heart products will be retiring 
like a tired dog on a hot afternoon
Now it is YOUR turn -
tell us your dog's name,
if he is in the scrapbook, 
and post a photo on my fb page!

and now a little message from my cat....

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Secretly Photographing Famous People Without Acting Like a Doofus

Have you ever been near someone famous?
Have you ever forgotten to take your photo with them?

Using a fish analogy, 
that is like the scrapbook layout that got away!
Image result for image of a big fish
Now that is a whopper that didn't get away and a very good reason why I don't swim in lakes.

Since practice makes perfect, 

here are 5 FUNN Photo Tipps for you!
My daughter is a very talented photographer.
Leah Gunn Emerick 
taught me to take selfies of famous people without bothering them.
We were in Hollywood (I am not kidding) when we discovered Minnie Driver

was sitting behind us at a darling gelato shop.

This is what she taught me.

1. Situate your self in front and slightly to of them.

They are here (Minnie was here)
                                  You are here (Leah was here)

2. Act cool. You are cool. Pretend you don't notice them. That makes you cool.

3. Choose the camera position to shoot towards the front of the screen, not back side.

4. Hold your camera up like you are taking your own selfie.

5. Angle the camera slightly to include the famous person.

You are now paparazzi! 

PS Selfie sticks will totally screw the deal. This would negate your #2 step.

I practiced today! SEE?
Look at these great fb ready results I took today!
Practice by finding a statue of a famous person, like I did at McDonald's in Topeka, KS.

"Oh! I think that is the famous Big E at Micky D's!"

"Oh, sing to me, Elvis!"

"Hey, Elvis, mind if I howl to 'You Ain't Nuttin' But a Hound Dog'?"

"I totally could do back up; check out my pipes!"

Now you are ALL ready to make those memories the next time
serendipity has you up close and personal with a famous person.

It is YOUR turn to practice!

You are invited to post your practice (or real famous people selfie photos) on
Have FUNN and I can't wait to see you in action!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Great Gatsby Deco "Feel For" You Card with Mojo Monday Design and Close To My Heart products

Play this music in the background to enjoy this post even more!

with this great design by Julee Tilman from Mojo Monday!
For more Mojo Monday art work, click here!

This may be next week's Stamp of the MUNNday FUNNday post because I am going to spend the weekend with this gal...

We'll see!

and so much Shopping To Do!
Click on each entry for more information - for your convenience

One of the four Zoe Pajama FUNN Party layouts!
Be sure to join us for the party!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Tiny Houses * Campers * Glampers * & SCRAMPERS? Stamp of the Month MUNNday FUNNday

 Every Monday, I have to tear myself away from this.
It helps to add a happy post Stamp of the Month MUNNday FUNNday.
So thanks for being there for me.

Today I have some tiny houses, new camper cards, or maybe they should be called
You may remember my earlier version of Camper Cards...

Well, meet Style Two!
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Such adorable, happy paper!
Be sure to see my Zoe Pajama Party layouts from Saturday. 
You will see more through out the month, too.

How easy would it be to use the
with these little campers?

Why not go to town and make an entire RV park full of these!?!

So until later this week, 
KEEP ON TRUCKIN' and have a very
FUNNday MUNNday!
We are going to make it!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Zoe Pajama FUNN Party, Make Eight Pages with How-to Guide Thank You Gift

Welcome to the
Mary Gunn FUNN
60th Pajama FUNN Party!
Back to School Time?
School Clothes and School Supply Shopping Time?
Ice Cream Social Time?
Last memories of Summer Time?
How about a little Scrapbooking Time!?!

I want you to join the FUNN
this month and scrapbook 8 pages of memories with these adorable
products from the soon-to-be-released 

ZOE launches my 6th year of Pajama FUNN Parties!
Join the savvy Pajama FUNN Partiers of the past 6 years such as
Lisa, Molly, Kristen, Sue, Susan, Rhoda, The Sha, Becca, Colleen, Vicky, Pam, Tracy, Leslie, Barb, Babs, and more!

This is a proven, easy, how-to system to keep you scrapbooking
without tears, dread, or over-the-top expense.

To receive Pajama FUNN Party scrapbooking support including additional pieces and how-to guides,
just purchase either Option One or Option Two.

Shopping List Option One

 Shopping List Option Two
Your Choice of Shopping Lists to
Qualify You for FREE how-to Support
between August 15 and September 14, 2015 
to receive your free support.

Now for some visual details!

Can't you just see
your going back to school photos on these?
your last memories of summer photos?
preschool play dough FUNN?
lake & beach memories?
Disney photos?
or just eating a subway sandwich with friends?
Give Pajama FUNN Parties a try.

If you like lots of space for photos, journaling, but want cute details,
you have landed in your happy place!

Zoe is Also Available
on Studio J as an EXPRESS Kitt!
Are you attached to your computer?
I'm down with that!
You can make your Zoe layouts on Studio J, too!
Not only that - if you want to just click and drag your photos
onto an already made layout - go Express Kitt!
Questions? LMK!

Click Here to view more Close To My Heart specials and FUNN
Including how to earn a discounted Stamp of the Month,

Sneak Peek at Monday's MUNNday FUNNday Stamp of the Month post

And the Close To My Heart Get Organized Special

and the very exciting NEW Close To My Heart Consultant Kitt!
New Consultant Kit
Team members receive my Pajama FUNN Party how-to guides EACH MONTH free &
are able to use them for their FUNN Friends!
$129 kitt for brand new Consultants (value of $445+)
$49 kitt!!! 

Alrighty, get your orders in and go out and make some happy FUNN memories!
Happy to help,

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Which Gilmore GIrl character is your Scrapbooking Style FUNN

Lorelei Gilmore
Image result for Gilmore Girls, images

  • One line journaling is her favorite style
  • Clever titles from cultural references
  • Eats LOTS of junk food and drinks LOTS of coffee while scrapbooking
  • Never finishes a scrapbook, let alone a layout
  • Pocket scrapbooking has a lot of promise for Lorelei
  • Has the pictures scattered in boxes in every closet without any order
  • Hopes someone at her business establishment will believe it is their job to scrapbook her memories, but will never really let them do it
  • Loves quirky embellishments and papers
  • Sews on her pages

Rory Gilmore
Image result for Gilmore Girls, images

  • Wants to make an altered book, but could never destroy a book, even a bad book
  • Journaling is your specialty
  • Beautiful quotes and full paragraphs from books included on every layout
  • Can you guess her favorite CTMH products? Click Here to see.
  • Never feels like your work is up to snuff even though it is better than anyone elses
  • Doesn't take her own photos, but takes copies off fb
  • Has to take lessons before trying something new. Would try Pajama FUNN Parties, but is afraid she may end up busted in Head Master's office!
  • Likes her style like she likes her men, more than one at a time
  • Has lots of supplies because she is never sure what is her favorite 
  • Layouts feel a lot like a newspaper article

Sean GUNN (is this FUNN?)

  • Worked at a scrapbook or craft store
  • Has worked as an independent consultant for every direct sales craft company, but likes CTMH best!
  • Shows someone else's scrapbooks as his/her own work
  • Runs away at crops in tears
  • Whimsy is your style - which is my style - which freaks me out a little
  • Has a secret scrapbook about "Management Styles of Taylor Doosey"
  • Brought a box of crickets to a crop because he didn't know what a Cricut was

Emily Gilmore
Image result for Gilmore Girls, images

  • Fires each scrapbooker she hires
  • Highly critical of every detail
  • Tends to focus on one family member to the detriment of others
  • Keeps a secret journal on every society matron's foibles 
  • Very formal, elegant style for papers and embellishments.
  • Tends to scrapbook travels
  • Finds Sale Items vulgar (BTW, I am NO Emily!)
  • Uses supplies to hire invitations to be created
  • Did I mention, hires it done?!?

Lane Kim

Image result for image of lane kim on gilmore girls
  • Rock and Rolls her layouts with punch, bling, and pop
  • Uses lots of band and song titles in journaling and titles
  • Uses lots of song lyrics for journaling
  • Never gets any layouts made once she picks up a pencil, marker, or paint brush because they become drum sticks
  • Has to have rock 'n' roll playing while scrapping
  • Keeps 2 scrapbooks at one time. One to show her Mom and one which is the real story
  • Brings rice cakes to crops, but keeps the good stuff stashed in her rolling tote

Sookie St. James
Image result for Gilmore Girls, images

  • Has never journaled a line in a any of her scrapbooks
  • Loves scrapbooking recipes
  • Uses food wrappers in her layout designs
  • Has more scrapbooks on food than her children
  • Often has food and drink spills on her pages - she calls it distressing
  • Includes magazine pictures of food to embellish instead of stickers
  • Has an eclectic style and uses a lot of colorful roses, stripes, and food

Paris Geller
Image result for Gilmore Girls, images

Liz Danes

Mrs. Kim

  • you don't scrapbook
So, which Gilmore Girl character is most like you and your scrapbooking style!?! TELL US!

Or what Gilmore Girl character, episode, boyfriend, or Stars Hollow festival you love best!

Hope you had FUNN and keep enjoying those GGirls and scrapbooking!

Confession: I have several pages of GG quotes I love!
How FUNN would it be to have a Gilmore Girl CTMH Gathering or Cropp?
This post could be a FUNN layout, too!

Hope you will visit again for more FUNN and games,