Friday, March 27, 2015

Round One Voting Ends TONIGHT!

Someone is going to WINN the most favorite Flower Stamp!
It might be you!
But you have to get your Round One Vote in tonight!

Here is a pretty little springy card the gals at Wednesday's
Freakin' FUNN Card Clubb could make. 

We used Happy to be Friends.
This might be your favorite.

If so - VOTE!
but to be eligible to WINN 
THE fave Posy Stamp Set, 

PS The Super Glue Guys and I have LOVED hearing from so many of you FUNN Friends!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Even Parakeets Deserve to be Remembered

I don't think of myself as the crazy scrapbook lady, but maybe I am.
And I am paying tribute to my friend, Emo.
This handsome birdie passed away during the night.
We got him about ten years or so ago to be a pet to our cockatiel and he did such a great job.
When she ate, he ate.
When she groomed, he groomed.
When she slept, he slept.
He kept her calm.
He knew he was a bird. He knew she was a bird.
She did not know she was a bird. She wasn't sure what he was.

But I know what he was.
An American Blue Teacup Eagle!
He rang his bell like he was born for the Salvation Army.
He ate lettuce with gusto.
He sang and watched the birds outside.
He was our sweet boy and he will be missed.

Thank you for indulging my scrapbook journal entry above.
This crazy scrapbook lady doesn't mind if it seems crazy to pay tribute to her friend Emo.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

March Madness - Vote for Your Favorite Posy Stamps and FUNN Contest!

So, there is a lot of talk about March Madness and brackets, isn't there?
But brackets aren't just for basketball geeks anymore!
and not for me since KU fell. Go, Shockers!

STAMP LOVERS, prepare to play...

Mary Gunn FUNN and the Super Glue Guys present the
March Madness
Pick Your Fave Posy Stamp Contest!
Which Posy Stamp Set Do You Think Will WINN as FAVE?

Here is what we will do...

Do you have a favorite posy stamp set in my Sweet 16 list below?
Now is your chance to vote it into fame!
And you might WINN the winning stamp set, too!

Choose 1 of the stamp sets from BOTH categories below by leaving a comment or emailing me your answer.
See voting schedule and info below.

Here's the Pick Your Fave Posy Brackets!
Scroll down to see pictures of stamp sets
All stamps are My Acrylix by Close To My Heart

Bracket One                 Elite Eight                            Final Four                           FINALS
(round one)                   (round two)                         (round three)                       (round four)

1.Little Notes                 
2.A Bunch of Thanks
3.Lovely Birthday    
4. Happy Autumn                                                 
5.Funky Blossoms                                                
6.Japanese Blossoms                                                  
7.Pick a Posy                                                        
8.Hello Blooms                                                    
                                                                                     Bracket One
                                                                                    Bracket Two
                                                                                     __                                                                _ 
Bracket Two                                                                ___                                                                 
9. Someone Special                                               
10.Love This                                                      
11 Happy To Be Friends                                        
12.Islands Greeting                                                   
13.Budding Friendships                                             
14.Flowers for Mom 
15.Lifetime of Happiness
16.Pretty Petals

Sweet 16 GROUP ONE
PICK ONE Favorite from this group


Group 1 Pick a Posey (C1576, 13.95)                     Group 1 Hello Blooms (C1540, 13.95)

Sweet 16 GROUP TWO
 PICK ONE Favorite from this group



Because we are crafters and very nice, you don't have to worry about your ENTIRE bracket at once!
We are going to vote EACH step along the way!

Round ONE
Vote from March 22 - March 27, 2015
Vote for your favorite pick from Group 1 AND Group 2
Everyone who votes is entered to winn the FINAL CHAMPION STAMP SET
Round TWO
Vote from March 28 - April 1, 2015
Vote for one stamp set from Group 1 and 2
*you must have voted in Round ONE!*
I really appreciate you coming and playing, but to keep me from getting a statistical headache, please do not vote if you did not vote during the FIRST ROUND!
Please do feel free to follow along and cheer on your favorite stamp set!

Round THREE  
Vote from April 2 - 4
Vote for your favorite from Group 1 and 2
*you must have voted in Round ONE & TWO!*
I really appreciate you coming and playing, but to keep me from getting a statistical headache, please do not vote if you did not vote during BOTH OF THE EARLIER ROUNDS!
Please follow along and cheer on your favorite stamp set!

Round FOUR
Vote on April 5 and 6!!!!
Vote for your favorite Stamp Set this Spring!
*you must have voted in Round ONE, TWO, & THREE!*
I really appreciate you coming and playing, but to keep me from getting a statistical headache, please do not vote if you did not vote during ALL THE EARLIER ROUNDS!
Please follow along and cheer on your favorite stamp set!

The Winner will be announced by April 8th

Help a stamp loving sistah here ---
Please leave a comment below or email me your vote to

Your vote should look something like this....
Group one - stamp set name
Group two - stamp set name
If you want to leave a kind word please do, but give me the voting info first!

PS - ALL BRUSHED Pajama FUNN Partiers and active downline receive and AUTOMATIC vote and yes, you can vote again!
You can qualify by being a part of the Brushed PJ FUNN Party!

Watch for reminders on my MaryGunnFUNN fb page!

OOOOO --- maybe you SHOULD email me your answers to keep this more suspenseful! 

the Super Glue Guys and Mary

Friday, March 20, 2015

My Wish for your Spring

The delight of Color
The Surprise of Beauty
The Inspiration of Fresh thought
Love that Knows No Bounds.

Photo is of my daughter and by my daughter.
See more of her exquisite work on 


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Meet Some of Our Positive IMPression Consultant Team

Getting to work with other Close To My Heart Consultants is one of the best part of being a Consultant and our team, the Positive IMPressions, has some truly great gals.
 I'd like you to meet some of us!

Became a Consultant in 2003

Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions about yourself. May I introduce the lovely Carmen.
Me: What design rules do you love to break?
   Carmen: I make what I like 
Me: What is your favorite 3D project?     
  Carmen: Scrapbook in a box

Me: What CTMH color would  be a perfect color for shoes? 
  Carmen: Cranberry

Me: What is your favorite event to host or class to teach?
  Carmen: All day crops (me: I love those, too!)

Me: What is your favorite gadget? 
  Carmen: the Cricut (me, oh, yeah, baby!)
         Me: You have a full time career and yet you've stayed active for over 10 years.
          What makes you stay? 

             Carmen: The ability to get amazing products with a discount and the friendships

Well, Carmen, we are delighted to have you as a team member and a dear friend.

If it weren't for Close To My Heart and being a part of a team together, I probably would never have met Carmen. Sad, huh?

Thank you for your dozen of years making ladies happy and the world cuter, Carmen!

You are invited to join us, too!

Do you love scrapbooking, card making, and paper crafts? Would you like to share your passion with friends you know and don't know yet?
Being a Close To My Heart Consultant may be just what you are looking for! Let me know if I can help.

March is a perfect month to start because you get a special gift in addition to the generous kit and the chance to get the Rolling Tote for FREE!

Scrapbooker's Consultant Kit

Cardmaker's Consultant Kit

Earn the Rolling Tote (retail 149.95) 
with $300 in sales in first 40 days

I was having FUNN in my Happy Corner recently.
My wish for you ... inspiration and time.

Come back soon and meet some more of our 
team who are so very
Close To My Heart

Have a FUNN day!
ps - a FUNN game to be announced Sunday!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

March 15 - 21, 2015

This Week on #MaryGunnFUNN

CTMH Video - Just Look at these ALBUMS!!!
HAPPY St Patty's Day
A few FUNN ideas from yesterday's FUNN Cropp
Magic Mug Drawing Prizes
Stamp of the Month Monday - Smoosh
Watch this list for more FUNN this week!
Brushed Pajama FUNN Party
Welcome and scroll down for FUNN!

Thanks, Brian!

Happy St. Patrick's Day.
 I'm one lucky leprechaun to have you as a FUNN Friend.

Stamp of the Month Monday FUNNday.
Been doing some smooshing FUNN, again, with reinkers and blocks.
 some doodles,
 and a SOM sentiment, 

equals a fresh looking card.

Introducing Brushed Pajama FUNN Party
plus cards to be shown at a later date.

What is a Pajama FUNN Party?
A thank you gift to you!

How can I be a Pajama FUNN Partier?
Purchase the below Shopping List between now and April 14th, 2015 (midnight).

What is the Pajama FUNN Party thank you gift?
  • How-to Cutting Guides for three 2-page 12"x12" layouts & 3 to 4 cards
  • How-to FUNN Photo Tipps
  • A brief private FUNN Tipps Video by me!
  • Supportive stamped images, extra embellishments, & specialty cut shapes
  • NEW - looking for beta testers for a new secret service - email me if you are interested
How often do new Pajama FUNN Parties happen?
Every month starting on the 15th to the following 15th, for over FOUR YEARS!

Can my friends and I order this as a group and get Hostess Rewards?

Is there a commitment?
No, but the ladies who have enjoyed this the last four years usually order every month!

OK, that is plenty for now...
HERE IS YOUR March/April 2015 Brushed Pajama FUNN Party Shopping List...

OPTION ONE 34.90 - includes a darling stamp set!

Magic Mug Drawing Prizes
You can win some FUNN prizes this month just by making a $50 or more purchase
You could win....

1. A Sampler of the Stamp of the Month Samples!
FUNN CLubBer Colleen C won this past month's samples

Really perfect for getting notes and moments saved this spring and summer!

There were a couple of memory idea tidbits I picked up from the FUNN Cropp yesterday and maybe you will get an idea or two from them....
  • layout idea: Puppies eating the spilled Chex Mix Grandpa was eating, dropping inadvertently, and then dropping intentionally
  • layout idea: A very old family banking business and the closing of account #46
  • life & layout idea:Paying kids 25 cents to be quiet for a few minutes
  • layout idea: the story of your antique furniture
  • layout idea: newly wed furniture

Check in tomorrow for Stamp of the Month Monday-FUNNday!

Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9 - 14, 2015

THIS WEEK on #MaryGunnFUNN blog...

TBT - Cropman (Super Glue Guy) says....
Confetti Wishes Pajama FUNN Party - Last Call
March Stamp of the Month - Simple Scallop? HA!
Sneak Peek - Brushed Pajama FUNN Party
Welcome and scroll down for FUNN!

Throw Back Thursday - March 2013

Last Call Confetti Wishes Pajama FUNN Party...

LAST call for Confetti Wishes Pajama FUNN Party.
Please order by March 14th.

To get your own complimentary

March Stamp of the Month Monday
Cute little stamp set and FUNNy little tag ideas....

This would be a cute bookmark - hungry, hungry caterpillar, anyone?

Can you tell I'm under the weather?
I'm pretty sure these tags have been living in me making me cough and sneeze.

Check back later this week for more FUNN.

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That's the ticket to more FUNN!