Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Happy National Dog Day

Here is the best dog ever.
Here is Professor William F. Buckley-you-are-such-a-good-boy Gunn.

Bux and I want to wish you the love of loyal dog.

Here is a little sign I made for my daughter's new home where the dogs rule the roost! 

                              Happy National Dog Day - please scrapbook your BFF's friendship!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

September's Chalk It Up Pajama FUNN Party!

3 Cute Layouts 
Perfect for all of us because we are all still learning!
At least, I hope we are all still learning!

8- 3"x3" FUNN Tucker cards
Perfect for the lunch boxes and back packs of your students of all ages!

and a FUNN Idea! Takes barely anything to fill this
Pottery Barn-would-be-envious-of-this-Hinges Display Tray

September's Chalk It Up Pajama FUNN Party offer is available now until September 15th.




YOU WILL ALSO NEED FOR THE 2014-2015  Pajama FUNN Party SEASON'S projects:

You will also enjoy having:
(if you are getting your kit mailed, I will not be able to punch your B&T as in a live class, but it is cute!)

Get to the $50 mark and get this cute Stamp of the Month set for $5 through the end of August.

Getting close to a $150 order?
Be sure to contact a friend and make an online party of it!
LMK so you can qualify for an extra $25 free - yeah - it is that easy.

So, we are off on our 4th year of 
Pajama FUNN Party success!
You are invited to join the FUNN!
Please let me know how I can help.

Happy 3rd Pajama FUNN Party Anniversary

It is FUNN Party Celebration Time!
The Super Glue Guys and I
tip our FUNN party hats
with a heartfelt 
for being a Pajama FUNN Partier 
over the last 3 years!

This is what we are celebrating in the FUNN Happy Corner Studio.
* 38 months of Pajama FUNN Parties!
* 114 LAYOUTS we've made together!
Imagine all of the moments in your life you have saved!

The new 2014-2015 Pajama FUNN Party Season

What is a Pajama FUNN Party?
PJ FUNN Parties are a thank you gift I love giving!
Gift Part One
Each month I design an easy-to-recreate set of three 12"x12" layouts and at least 3 cute greeting cards using Close To My Heart products.
Gift Part Two
Partiers get an easy to follow cutting guide, photo FUNN tips, and a suggestions page for their layouts and cards.
Often times, they get a bonus packet of stamped images, Cricut shapes, and extra embellishments to finish their projects.

All in all, it is a heck of a deal.

What Do Pajama FUNN Partiers Do?
PJ FUNN Parties offer run from the 15th to the 15th of each month.
You will need to be able to receive email.
1. Purchase (directly from me or on my website) the suggested Shopping List for the featured 
layouts during the offer to receive.
That isn't very hard.
2. Wait for the cutting diagrams, FUNN Tip Sheet, and Suggestion Sheets, usually out the first week of the month.
That can be a little more hard.
3. Follow the cutting guides, assemble your layouts and cards, add lots of memories in the form of photos, notes, and memorabilia.
This really isn't hard and takes about 2 - 3 hours, but you will have the freedom to complete them anytime, at your convenience, even in your pj's, at a cropp, or with friends and family.
That is FUNN!
4. Share your scrapbooks with your family and friends who will THANK YOU for your "hobby" which saves their memories!

This program has worked for dozens of FUNN Partiers
near and wide and it can work for you!
Be a part of the FUNN!
Because without U, FUNN is just FNN.

Let me know how I can help and watch this blog and
 my Mary Gunn FUNN fb page for updates!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

September's Chalk It Up Pajama FUNN Party Reveal tomorrow evening

Have a few more photos, editing, and details to clean up, but by tomorrow evening you should be seeing the 4th Anniversary Pajama FUNN Party layouts!
Chalk It Up

These will be our toys.
How cute are these?
and this striped twill is tremendous - soft, thin, but not cheap feeling, it is great.
See you tomorrow night - keep having FUNN!

To Shoot or Not To Shoot - there is no question

Summertime and the Saturday Farmers' Market is teeming with bounty!
Judy gave me a bunch of pumpkins to cook! She is so sweet. Thank you!

So , even though we often run up to grab a few fresh veggies, see neighbors, and friends, it would be
easy to not  snap a shot or two.
I'm glad I did shoot, though! 
The warm moist summer air, the sounds of birds, the presence of people enjoying Saturday morning Farmers' Market now won't be a forgotten memory in January.

So to shoot or not to shoot?
There is NO question - SHOOT!

How close do you have your phone camera at all times?
I hope you use it often!

Extra FUNN to shoot a few more at home with Professor Buckley.
I just want to drink in these colors - like Vitameatavegamin.

Looking forward to pumpkin pie from these beauties and November Pathfinding Pajama Party layouts.
Should be able to use these photos (summery) and pie photos (fall-ish) all at once.

To shoot or not to shoot? 
There is no question.

Do some clicking this weekend and have FUNN!

Monday, August 11, 2014

In honor of Shark Week

In honor of The Discovery Channel's one millionth Shark Week extravaganza this week, I have made a Slate (gray) card like the Great White Sharks who are actually gray!

And because I love Mojo Monday Challenges, I am using their card sketch for my design. Too bad I didn't have a gnarly looking shark stamp.


Dandy little sketch, huh?

I should have used this opportunity to tell you about Close To My Heart's (the only product I use) great  white core card stock. When you tear the card stock, the white core tooth is revealed.
I think I'm getting in deep here!

Let me tell you about the beautiful Slate patterned paper, it is from the Basic Paper Fundamentals pack
A very favorite paper product of mine. It has the same groovy pattern on both sides, but one is in glossy resist! Extra FUNN is the new colors in the new Annual Inspirations Idea Book.
These are must have products!

So, let me just say, "SEAS" the day and make it FUNN!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

FUNN-ercise Friday on Sunday! CTMH August Stamp of the Month FUNN

FUNN TIPPS to make this card:

Right here in this short how-to video!


Get your supplies to make this card and many more FUNN projects on...

Here's to creative FUNN everyday!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What a Hoot Mojo Monday, and New Product Blog Hop FUNN Card

Some stamp sets are like potato chips - it is hard to create (or eat) just one project (chip)!
Such is this terrific August Stamp of the Month from Close To My Heart.
I give many hoots for this stamp set!

and when I saw this fabulous card design on Mojo Monday, I knew the two forces (stamp set and design) were meant to be together!

Thanks for such a FUNN design, Mojo Monday!

Then there is the very Fabulously Artsy New Product Blog Hop - it is a must see!
Thanks, Tresa, for heading up this great event!

blog hop logo_brushed

The eyes were made using a FUNN TipP: I stamped the mask in Glacier blue two times in addition to stamping it is Desert Sand.. This way, I could punch the owl's eyes out (sounds so violent, doesn't it) with a regular hole punch. Added some Liquid Glass for a touch of "Hey, look at me! I'm shiny!"
Can you see where else I added Liquid Glass?

The card features several paper packs, too, names Pathfinding and Snowhaven.

If you have any questions about ordering these great products, please let me know,
 it would be FUNN to help you !

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August Stamp of the Month Transformation

So, team member, Susan Fogle of Paper Menagerie (check out her Three Amigo monthly blog hop), 
mentioned the owls in August Stamp of the Month,  "What a Hoot",  reminded her of raccoons.
And they do!
I mentioned I wanted a skirt made out of material like the green paper in Close To My Heart's beautiful new fall Pathfinding My Reflections kit.
Susan said make a skirt for the August Stamp of the Month.

I did!

Watch for an upcoming FUNNercise Friday for a couple of FUNN TipPs to make this card, too.

Whatever you are crafting today, I hope it will put a smile on your face and FUNN in your heart!
Why not call a friend and see what two beautiful minds come up with?
Thanks, Susan, for your inspiration!

Products used on this card include: Pathfinding My Reflections Paper, August Stamp of the Month, Glacier Card Stock, Liquid Glass, for these and many other wonderful craft items, visit my online shopping site at  FUNN.ctmh.com.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Should Make an Interesting Layout

We didn't plant a garden this year.
But three stalwart cucumber plants planted themselves. 
Pretty cool trick, huh?

When I picked the cucumbers from these intrepid vines, I was inspired to create a family portrait.
By the way, my girls watched A LOT of Veggies Tales!
This is Doug and I have been drawing that very face for about 38 years. 
I'm glad he has never had plastic surgery.

This is Stephen. 
He always wants to be first, so this time, dude, your cuke will be introduced to the world before your older brother's. Remember this day.
For you long time Mary Gunn FUNN followers, Stephen developed my first website.
I paid him by doing his laundry.

This is me. 
I've always drawn stars for my eyes. Think it is symbolic?

This is Russ. 
Yes, he has Fabio hair.
I can't help but think he is a tad smarter, no disrespect to Mr. Fabio.

This is Leah and her complexion is much better when she is not green.
It is much, much better.  She is actually a beautiful woman.

I would have drawn Matt, her husband, but there were only 6 cucumbers.
I would have had to added bleached carrot curls for his hair.

This is Joanna.
She is newly married and so she has a huge HAPPY grin!

If there had been another cucumber, I would have drawn her husband.
He is handsome and also has a HAPPY grin.

 And so here we are waiting to be scrapbooked.
The title?
The Gunns Know How To Veg Out

What is your silliest scrapbook title?