Monday, June 29, 2015

Stamp of the Month Monday * Last Call for Close To My Heart's June Stamp of the Month and the My Crush Free Stamp Set Special!

It is the end of JUNE - already!
Who else finds this fact whack-o?

So if you have been busy this month with vacations, stay-cations, ball games, swimming, cleaning up floods (ugh), gardening, VBS, and all those other great summer things and haven't gotten your

Now is the time to order then throw the kids and the dog in the car, get to Sonic and have a little ice cream FUNN!
PS - everyone who makes an order of $50 or more is entered to WINN many of the Stamp of the Month samples - FUNN?

Time to order your 
See more samples by clicking here.

Time to order your 
As it has been for almost 5 years - always FREE to those who purchase the shopping list before July 15th or with an order of $35 or more before July 15th. 

It is also time to book your 

and how about ordering some Camper FUNN Card Kitts for you and your friends for a 
FUNN get together?

I hope you make your MUNNday a FUNNday!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Wanderful Pajama FUNN Party featuring Flip Flaps for Your Vacation Memories!

Please excuse the glare, 
we were in L.A. where everything is shiny 
and there is a movie star behind every darkened limo window!

While this page is about a trip to L.A., 
the shine is from the Page Protector.
The Page Protector is included to show the Flip Flaps.
The Flip Flaps are shown
 because vacation time usually means a paparazzi level of photos!

to the age-old scrapbooker's dilemma, 
"Man, I need more room on this layout!"

Looky, looky, a little booky of Flip Flaps!

This was just Day ONE
Instead of making three layouts, I cleverly used
 Close To My Heart's Flip Flaps
to get more photos on this one layout.

So HOW MANY PHOTOS did I get on this layout? 
Would you believe ELEVEN?

And yet, each photo isn't cropped to bits or made less important, 
it is all about the FLIP FLAPS, darling!

LOVE being able to use My Acrylix Stamps to personalize the title, too.
If you like stamps, check in on July 1! SHHHH!

And get a load of this FLIP FLAP action!
35 years in one flip of the flap!
We were sent as a gift from my Mom and our kids on this trip for our
35th wedding anniversary. Pretty darn cool, huh?
So, I added a FLIP FLAP of the Bride and Groom on our wedding day over
the Bride and Groom on our 35th anniversary.
I know, I know, we haven't aged a bit!
Under the FLIP FLAP will be a great place to write our itinerary, too!

FLIP FLAPS come in 4 sleeve size packages
All ready for you to slip your photos in and adhere ON TOP of your page protector with a VERY sticky adhesive strip - these are SO GREAT! 

Try these this summer! Your'e Welcome!
Learn more about my 

And because I love my day lilies, here is "Mary's Gold" (real name) 
which is blooming in my garden today!

Have a FUNN day,

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Close To My Heart's June Stamp of the Month Goes Red, White, and Blue!

June Stamp of the Month sweetness!

I like to think this card's water coloring is sugary sweet.

Perhaps you are into more of a crisp and clean look!
Maybe you would like this card!
It, along with many other cards, will be featured at tomorrow's 
Really looking forward to seeing many FUNN gals!

Looking forward to a Happy Independence Day celebration!

and if you love FUNN, visit me often! have a FUNN day,

Sunday, June 21, 2015

1/2 Dozen Ways to Use the Close To My Heart June Stamp of the Month

The June Stamp of the Month Monday is all happening - 

1. Be Rad
Get in touch with your inner Mod Squad, Scooby-mobile, and Pete Max by stamping the cute ice cream truck with flowers!
Yes, I drew the sentiment.
and here is another sentiment I drew (made up, too?)

2. Be "Quasi-Amorphic"
Enjoy a "quasi-amorphic" serendipitous experience when you add eyes (think googly) and alter the "mouth" a bit.
Or perhaps this would be the perfect "down, but not out" card.
For the "down, but not out" card, I'd add just the top of the cone underneath the dips.

3. Triple DiPP FUNN
There is always a cute paper piecing "Happy" triple-dipp ice cream card. This could be very birthday-centric.
I'm thinking strawberry, French vanilla, and pistachio. 
What do you think?

4. Reward Tracker
Have a few behaviors yet to hone with the kidds this summer?
"Will work for ice cream" ring true at your house?
Blend them into one happy reward tracker.
Here is a FUNN way to encourage your little ones to get better at something-er-other!

Base: 5" x 7.25"
Cards: 2.5" x 3" (mats)
Inking technique: masking and sponging ink
Pocket: 1.5" x 6.75" (use liquid glue on sides and bottom, run one bead of glue up the middle for 2 pockets - short way)
the numbers are from the alpha set you get in the Artfully Sent Cricut Cartridge from 
Close To My Heart.
Make two "belt loops" to hold the goal reminder in. Pretty slick way to be able to change your mind!

start ahead of time - prep the "team" so to speak
make the goal age appropriate
make the goal attainable - we all want to go out for ice cream!
keep on the fridge with magnets
make a layout of all the successes at the end of the summer.

5. Don't be afraid of white
This little truck is so cute, 
leave it white with colorful accents - 
maybe some of those B&T scraps 
you have laying around?
Don't be afraid of "mixing media", either!
Paper piecing, 
ShinHan Twin Touch markers, 
and Water color pencils - all groovy.
FUNN TIPP: keep the color intensity
 in all the same for each element.

Need I say more?

and here is one of my adorable "grand dogs"
 enjoying one of the best inventions ever, ice cream!

Be sure to get your June Stamp of the Month!

To paraphrase a great stamp sentiment,
"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy Close To My Heart products & that's the same kind of thing."


and have a FUNN day,

Monday, June 15, 2015

July's Pajama FUNN Party - Wanderful is Wonderful for Vacations or Stay-cations!


Wanderful is the July Pajama FUNN Party and it is perfect for you to keep your precious vacation or "stay-cation" memories!
And since during vacation we take LOTS of photos, we will be including some FLIP FLAP options and instruction - it is cool.

Be watching this blog for my COMPLETED layouts over the next few weeks!

To qualify for your FREE FOUR layout how-to guides and supportive pieces, purchase Option One or Option Two below on my website before July 15th.
To receive just the how-to guides, purchase any $35 or more before July 15rh on my website.

Wanderful Pajama FUNN Party SHOPPING LIST: 
Your Choice of At Least One Package of FLIP FLAPS
         ( I suggest Z1747 Small Assort or Z4114 4"x6")


Wanderful Workshop on the Go - includes a cute stamp set
Your Choice of One My Crush Assortment packs - Bestie, Best Day, Memories, OR Favorites

You will also need 2 more sheets of:
  White Daisy, Whisper, and Black cardstock

Additional Product Suggestions:
Purple Glltter Gems
Gold Glitter Gems

Now you are set to order a My Crush book of your choice, too, and you will qualify for a FREE STAMP SET worth $9.95!!! Don't you love that?

 just order $12.95 My Crush Book and $8.30 more to get the Stamp of the Month for $5!
 just order any My Crush Book and get the Stamp of the Month for only $5!


AND THERE IS MORE FUNN on this blog, too!

Like the Camper FUNN Card Kitts - join the other FUNN Friends ordering these!

and then there is that crazy boxer / swim trunks Father's Day Card!

Make your MUNN-day a FUNN-day!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

USA Flag Day Camper Card FUNN Salute!

June 14, 2015

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Old Glory, I love you.
Long may you wave.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Father's Day Card * Jackson Papers * Staying within the Boxer

At our old team meetings (which were the BEST) we used to 
say everything had to be "MG" rated, or Mary Gunn rated - tried to keep it clean!

Well, I may have crossed my own "MG" rating today
with this


I'm just not sure which sentiment is better?
I know some that wouldn't be "MG" rated, but that is cheap humor!
Let's keep it clean like a load of laundry washed in Cheer, Oxydol, and Tide!

What do you think?


Have a FUNN weekend!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Camper FUNN Card Kitts for Those Who Love CUTE Cards!

These Camper FUNN Card Kitts are SO MUCH FUNN!
You will want to create an entire RV park of them!

I have created these cards for those of us who love cute FUNN.
It is my hope they will make you and yours smile.

Each card can stand on its own!

Or use the card for a card front only and make a mini album!
While the album pieces are not included, ideas and FUNN Tipps are.

Each unique Camper FUNN Card Kitt contains:
Complete Camper FUNN Card STARTER KITT (8.99) includes
  • Enough supplies for 2 complete cards (one for you and one for someone special)
  • Hand-drawn sheet of Sentiments - choose which one you love most!
  • Embellishments (various sparkles for hubcap and door knob)
  • EASY step-by-step instructions with photos
  • Piece identification guide per request
  • Placement guide
  • How-to FUNN Tipps for a mini scrapbook
  • Suggestions for further embellishments - so many ways to personalize!
  • Envelope size & mailing tipps

CAMPER FUNN CARD SUPPLIES available for only 4.99 more*

You will need:
Sharp Scissors and your favorite adhesives
I used my ATG, Bonding Memories Glue, and Bonding Memories Glue Pen

Delivery of the goods:
Pieces mailed in a cellophane bag (in the USA)
How-to instructions emailed pdf files
So please include your snail and email addresses!

With a Camper FUNN Card Kitt purchase, you will be able to use your own scraps
to make an entire RV park full of FUNN GlamperCamper Cards!

 a few folks who would love getting these darling cards . . .
  • Camper enthusiasts 
  • Any occasion cards for "Lake" people - remember there are 8 hand-drawn sentiments included
  • Any occasion for people who love the vintage look
  • As invites to crop weekends at a retreat
  • People who like campers more than camping - that's me!
  • Thank you for hosting the a fore mentioned retreat or for staying in a vacation home
  • Girl Scout / Boy Scout leaders
  • As invites to a camping get away (even if it is at the Marriott)
  • For moving announcements
  • Taking the road less traveled types
  • Retiring folks
  • Use instead of postcards - mail notes to yourself while on vacation - instant scrapbook
  • Vintage Trailer lovers
  • Happy cards lovers
  • Anytime you need a FUNN unique and OMG kind of card
Camper FUNN Card Kitts will be mailed to you within two weeks (probably sooner).
Tutorials will be emailed to you two weeks (probably sooner).
Available only in the U.S.A.
Kits vary in paper patterns and embellishments. Sorry no special requests at this time.
I will try to include at least enough supplies for one card with your favorite colors.

Please share this with friends who love having FUNN and making the world cuter!

YOU COULD WINN THIS "Airstream" Camper Card!
Purchasing a Camper FUNN Card Starter Kitt and being on my FUNN mail list
qualifies you for a drawing to WINN this AIRSTREAM CAMPER CARD!
Drawing will be made on July 1st.
All this card needs is some home made curtains.

Keep watching this website for more Camper FUNN Card Samples - 
because I just can't quit making them!

Get Your Camper Card FUNN Started!
Tell Me Your Favorite Colors

shipping and handling included because otherwise it isn't as FUNN!

The additional kitt is NOT available without purchase of the Camper FUNN Card Starter Kitt!
Once you have purchased the Camper FUNN Card Starter Kitt, you are welcome to order more supplies! Thank you.

© MaryGunnFUNN All designs and original text are copyright of MaryGunnFUNN. MaryGunnFUNN images may be shared through social media if they link back to this blog. 

a Baker's DOZEN FUNN My Crush Ideas * Mini Scrapbooker's Dream Books

Get those kidds scrapbooking this summer!
Hand them a bag with a My Crush, Duck adhesive, My Assortments, a pen, some FLIP FLAPS, colored pencils or crayons, and a small tablet for drawing. 
Have a My Crush today jar full of summer ideas to do and discover:
5 things I saw in the sky, 3 sounds I heard, 10 insects I discovered, seeds I found, leaves of different colors, animals at the zoo, list of favorite dinners, flavors which should be ice cream, things I can give away, things I want to earn, etc. FUNN?

Look at your desk, just look at it!
Do you see a post-it with a quote, an idea, or a sketch?
Unclutter your desk and fill up your My Crush!
Where else will you store your Miniature Men, girls?
Thanks to "H" for all the FUNNy cards during her Texas years.

I can't be the only person who loves to hear kind words, enjoy greeting cards over and over, save scraps with encouraging notes, and the "I love you" notes from my kids.
My Crush can be your go-to my ego needs a vitamin book!
Talk about a ego boost, I got one from Fabulously Artsy Stamp Goddess herself! Tresa Black!

Delightful hand made cards and precious notes.

Tried and true recipes in FLIP FLAPS are so FUNN!
Why you may want to leave your studio and go cook?
OK, I went a little extreme there.

Are you a work-out kinda gal or guy?
Do you keep track of your exercise or whatever?
My Crush your walking, crunching, planking, spinning best!
Take pictures - get a new cute tennis outfit for this one!
Plus, My Crush books are the cutest way to keep your medical records in one place (questions, provider info, immunizations, medicines, etc.) Not FUNN, but important and it is important to stay cute in all important matters.
You will note there are no photos for this one.

I know you are out there, you darling Bucket List people.
So where is that Bucket List of yours?
In your head? Come on! Let's get that puppy on paper, with pictures, plans, names, and record those dates!
Flesh that baby out in your MY CRUSH!

OK, it is no secret, we live for our vacation time, don't we?
My Crush books are the PERFECT take along, save those memories on the spot books! The whole family can be involved with a nightly re-cap of Best and Worst of the day, tickets, brochures, menus, and photos! 
Photos, really Mary?
Yes, upload your photos to the local Walgreens, CVS, or what ever is close to your hotel. Pick them up on the way back for the night.

Preaching to the choir here. I have photos, snippets, and ephemera which has been in my aging, brittle, plastic "photo" spot for 30 years. Ridiculous! It's going in the My Crush TODAY!

Where do you keep those favorite quotes? Here, there, and then they get tossed in the round file, don't they?
My CRUSH is a perfect place for your favorite quotes.
Categorize if you like:
Inspirational, FUNNy, your mama always said, and more.
Here is one I wrote!
FUNN TIPP: Glue your photos to make side or top pockets.
Perfect place to add a note, another photo, or a Picture My Card for both!

Many of us are highly invested in scrapbooking. We have ideas to use, crops to attend, products to buy, products to use, titles to employ, memories to journal. My CRUSH can be your scrapbooking's scrapbook! OK, so it is a little Russian Doll, but it could be perfect for your needs.
A lovely way to save your FUNN ClubB and FUNN CropP happy memories. I have some photos I can email you if you need some!


Last year's wedding notes for my daughter.

Try as I may, I can't remember from one year to the next what flowers I plan to move, never try again, give away, and what was spectacular. Gardeners are often planners, too. 
My CRUSH makes a wonderful "plot" to grow your dirty plans!

12. GiFTS
My Crush are PERFECT for gifts!
Add some stamped images, some mats, Duck Adhesive, FLIP FLAPS, coordinating assortments, PML cards, and a list of ideas on using these books! Perfect for newly weds, first year at college (can you imagine what Rory Gilmore would have done?), new house (or your old house - paint colors, updates, warranties, etc.), new pet owners, a record for Christmases, new jobs, newly retired people, new babies, you get the idea?
You may have to explain to Generation D that this is like pinterest on paper.

Faith journaling is a lovely new expression of our walk.
Do you like to draw renditions of favorite Scripture?
Do you like to hand write Scripture?
Do you like to keep a gratitude list?
Do you have a "I see God's blessings," habit?
Do you love photos of sunrises, sunsets, remarkable animals, and flowers? Miracles should be remembered. 
My Crush could be just the spot for these!

Whatever it is, get some, get the assortments, too, this month because you will get an extra $9.95 stamp set gift this June!

  • no wrong way
  • great size
  • easy to carry, use, hold, enjoy
  • beautiful papers
  • versatile - use for cards, mini books, for on 12 x 12 pages
  • versatile - add PML cards, stamps, embellishments, flip flaps
  • "a blank canvas that is not blank" (someone should pay me for that quote!)