Saturday, October 25, 2014

Find the Path to Pathfinding FUNN!

Time is running out of my Thank You gift for my November Pathfinding Pajama FUNN Party!

Pajama FUNN Parties always include
* an exclusive instructions for three 2-page layouts, 4 cute tags for cards or another layout
* FUNN Tipps
* Stamped images, Cricut shapes, and additional embellishments to complete projects
* and 2 interactive events! VALUE VALUE VALUE
 offer is good only through the end of October and through me.
Shopping Lists - choose Option One or Option Two 
 Option One $22.85
 Pathfinding My Reflections Paper Pack (X7186B 9.95) - some of the prettiest papers in the book!

Option Two $32.90 - Best value - includes cute exclusive stamp set and full set of Bling Gems Gold Assortment and 3 more sheets of cardstock
 Includes my instructions and a brochure from CTMH

You will also need:
 2 sheets of Saddle Card Stock (from Basics Card Stock pack - we will be using this pack throughout the current Annual Inspirations Idea Book life)

Optional FUNN Add-ons
 Pathfinding Assortment - included in Option two

Include the In the Pink My Crush Book in your Pajama FUNN Order this month 
and receive a free gift from me! 

ALL $29+ orders made through me in October qualifies for cutting diagrams and FUNN TippS. 

Come find out why the Pajama FUNN Partiers come back month after FUNN month!

Order on

My family is not included.

Pumpkin FUNN

That moment when you know you did something right when your adult daughter has a craft project to do with you when you visit.
FUNN with Joanna!


Thursday, October 23, 2014

You're the MOOOOOST! - TBT

Just in time for Throw Back Thursday!

You're the MOOST!

Pulled out this little stamp from my past
(a Close To My Heart WOODIE!)
to celebrate the current WORLD SERIES 
with #8 Moustakas (MOOOOOSE)

for a future layout about baseball memories!


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mojo Monday 388 and having a LOVELY Day

A day off, slept in, had coffee and a cider donut from The Tea Queen (thank you), had time to create, and have a lovely day planned.


Stopped by Mojo Monday for a quick sketch idea.

Then headed to the table of happy to make something FUNN.
Here you go.

ALL supplies are from Close To My Heart (except the twine).

Water Color Pencils for the assist on this card!
While the original price of these wonderful pencils is a little higher than most individual products, they are priceless!
When you do the math (me, math?) and see they are just over a $1 a piece, you will say, I must have these beautiful soft leaded items of splendor.
Add to these pencils a seemingly innocent item 
and you will be able to add smudgy letter outlines, splotches of leaf color, soften the edges of tone-on-tone flower subtleties with confidence. 

You in for a lovely day?
I'm rooting for you and the Royals!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Creative Blogger Award me!

Once upon a time, I went to a Close To My Heart Regional Celebration in St. Louis.  I knew I was going to have FUNN because CTMH ALWAYS throws a great event and really looked forward to seeing fellow team mate Carmen, but what I didn't expect was making some other special friendships.
Two were the car mates who were Sheila Bennett and Michelle Loncar (my sistah from another mistah) and this silly muffin who sat behind me and made me laugh, Shelly Nemitz.(see Shelly's blog Just One Pretty Piece here).

Cut to now, Shelly very kindly nominated me for a Creative Blogger Tour and so did Gail Gross (see her blog here).! Now, that is some 1, 2 compliment! Thank you, ladies! I hope you will enjoy this post.

Creative Blogger Tour 
1 - What am I working on right now?
Little bit of this, little bit of that - always and perpetually to infinity and beyond such as...
 * Artfully Sent Cricut Cartridge - how to demonstration, team video call

and next week's blog post

 * December Pajama FUNN Party layout with Yuletide Carol
 * Transferring old magnetic albums of my babies to safe books
My babies deserve much better!

 * Several Studio J albums for gifts and November's discount!
 *A secret project
 * LA pages for our fantabulous 35th wedding anniversary celebration from our family.
2 - How long does it take me to create a project?
Time? When I'm in the zone, I have not a clue. My husband has learned to bring me food.
Doug is now our head cook. Yes, it is as great as it sounds.

3 - What are my favorite things to create with at the moment?
Another little bit of this and a little bit of that - cards, Pajama FUNN Parties, mini albums, layouts, little happy things, drawing Super Glue Guys, practicing lettering, coloring, My Crush gifts, cards for the Freaking Awesome Card class, and a little more of this and that.

4 - How does my process work?
What does this question even mean?
This must mean how I start with one idea and end with something completely different.

5 - How do I become and stay inspired?
-  having upcoming Pajama FUNN Parties and FUNN ClubBs keep me going
- my best inspiration is my family and looking at scrapbooks I have created
smoochy face you all!

- my ego
Card making 
- my insatiable love of creative FUNN and the fear of exploding if I don't
Yes, I think like this.

I am truly a dutiful person and as a CTMH Consultant, it is my responsibility and honor to create for others' inspiration and pleasure.
like these delightful ladies (who wouldn't want to help them?) and

you fellow Consultants!
Hi Susan, Sue, and Terri!

I LOVE my customers, down line, fellow consultants, and blog readers, I really do and I think of you while I create, but really, I am a mostly afraid of my head exploding if I don't create.

6 - What is my signature style?
My style? It must be my serious pursuit of fantastic creative FUNN employing unusual ways to use product. If it doesn't make me smile, it isn't my style. One of my favorites recently are the magnet cards

While some of my projects would be ridiculous to replicate, most projects are designed to make it possible for others to enjoy creating and know the joy of being an artist.
It is a groovy gig, so please join me in my serious pursuit of creative FUNN!

THANK YOU Shelly and Gail for the nomination and for thinking of me. You guys are going in my ego book! They have some really clever items on their blogs which make me smile - true FUNN lovers!

I invited one of my favorite bloggers (why do I keep typing "bloogers") to join the hop, but she was not able to. Still, I hope you will visit her happy blog...
Lori Vliegren at Elvie Studio

Stamp of the Month Monday October

Want an easy pretty Christmas card? 
Better pin this one!

Supplies used:
Art Philosophy Cricut Cart
White Daisy Cardstock (1-  12"x12" sheet makes 4 card bases)
Cranberry Ink
October Stamp of the Month
Silver Marker
Washi Tape
Merry & Bright is from the new Artfully Sent Cricut Cart
ALL products are from Close To My Heart and can be ordered here!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Stamp of the Month Monday FUNN and For the Love of Pumpkins (and Mini Albums)

What to show first?
For the Love of Pumpkins? or the Stamp of the Month?

OK, the Stamp of the Month, after all it is the Stamp of the Month Monday post!

Went for the candy stamp - again!
How FUNN would it be to grow a candy plant?

So cute! Maybe next week I'll get more Christmas-y.
Just a reminder - this stamp set is only available in October 
for the reasonable $17.95 or only $5 when you purchase
at least $50.

But here are some of the pages from the 
For the Love of Pumpkin Mini Album, I told you about.

Cover looks the same.

You will get FREE instructions for this cute book when you order at least $35 from me this month.
Perfect for saving your favorite pumpkin memories

like pumpkin pie, pumpkin patching, pie, carving, pie, pumpkin bread, pie, seeds, lattes, pie, pancakes, pie or even if you just love pumpkin pie.

So let's go over your optimal October (that would be a good promotional name) order or O-cubed for short.


The Pathfinding Pajama FUNN Party.

TWO        October 2014: Ribbon Revelry

Get a roll of ribbon from Close To My Heart free with a minimum $50 order.
Such a great gift!


Get the Stamp of the Month for only $5 with a minimum $50 purchase or get it
at retails for $17.95. 
You can look at this polar bear whenever you feel sad and he will smile for you.


Get the step-by-step how-to make this cute little book free with a minimum $35 order.

When you order in October, you will receive an invitation to my all-day crop in November.
These $14 crops are a great way to get your scrapping and card making caught up, have enjoyable  conversations, get goodies, eat home made ice cream and a tasty supper, have your own table, and just  have good plain wholesome FUNN!

Sunday, October 12, 2014


It takes time, but with my help, it takes less time.

It takes investment, but with my Pajama FUNN Party, 
there is value.

It takes more willingness than creativity.

Start now.

Give your family the gift of memories.

This is scrapbooking.

Ask me how.

I can help.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

For the Love of Pumpkins - a Mini Album for Pumpkin Recipes Coming Monday

Oh, for the love of pumpkin!

Want to see more?
Visit Monday's Stamp of the Month Monday blog post right here on Mary Gunn FUNN!